In the scope of human history, public libraries are still fairly new institutions and need our continued advocacy and protection. Throughout history, libraries have been threatened or even destroyed during hostile regime changes and times of political strife. Libraries are truly one of the greatest achievements of human history and have come from a hard-fought place to become the center of our communities. As writer Caitlin Moran says, ‘On a cold rainy island, (libraries) are the only sheltered public spaces where you are not a consumer, but a citizen instead.’”

— Katie Roche, ICPL Friends Foundation Development Director

Library advocates recognize the importance of public libraries in their communities. Become a library advocate and help neighbors and legislators understand the importance of libraries.

Speak Up!

Person to Person

“Look around you. There are people everywhere who could use their library, and who don’t know about the valuable resources just waiting for them. At the grocery store, student union, the bank, PTA or staff meetings, the post office, in dorms, on a walk with your dog — talk to people and tell them why you love and value the library. Help them see what they could learn there, and how they can help bolster support for this cornerstone of their community, campus, or school. It doesn’t take much more than a friendly conversation for you to be a hero for your library!”

— from the ALA Advocacy Institute’s Advocacy Action Handbook

In Print

Consider writing a letter to the editor or op-ed advocating for public libraries or our Library to one of our local newspapers:

In Social Media

By following the Library on social media and sharing its posts and pictures, you can also spread the word online. You can tag the Library on Facebook, upload a photo of the Library to Instagram, or write a review on Google or Yelp. You can also invite others to join you in supporting the ICPL Friends Foundation!

Library Publications

Read and sign up for ICPL communications here.

The ICPL and Public Libraries Need You to Advocate For Us

Here at the ICPL Friends Foundation, we believe that engaging in advocacy is an important part of civic engagement. The American Library Association and Iowa Library Association each have landing pages where you can learn more about legislation and issues facing libraries today, with tools and contact information to activate your advocacy.

Time, Talent, & Treasure

The best way to advocate for the Library is to use the Library. You can also volunteer at the Library or for the ICPL Friends Foundation, sharing your time and talents. And of course, your donations help to strengthen the ICPL. Set up a monthly donation here.

Collaboration and Presentations

Invite the ICPL Friends Foundation to present about the Library to your group! In addition, our organizational leadership also seeks to strengthen community ties through service on boards and committees for efforts like X Marks the Arts, Greater Iowa City, Inc. Community Development Innovation Council, and other opportunities that increase collaboration and understanding among area nonprofits, businesses, and groups.